SWASTIK Quartz Lumps Sample White Colour

SWASTIK Quartz Lumps, Grits & Powder

Quartz is one of the hardest yet abundantly available mineral found in earth’s crust. In contrast to its ease of availability, It is quite valuable. We, At SWASTIK MINCHEM always try to implement best and advanced techniques to provide high quality quartz products in India.

The scientific composition is silicon and oxygen atoms in a continuous framework of SiO4 silicon–oxygen tetrahedra, with every  oxygen atom  being co-valently shared between two tetrahedra, giving an overall chemical formula of SiO2.

Quartz mineral basically differ from SIO2 in the sense that it contains Silica(SIO2) with certain other elements/impurities in a fixed composition.


Quartz Chemical Specification



Quartz Chemical Specification


Quartz helps in production of different types of Quartz Stones And Silicate Glasses.It is famous for production of  brilliant gemstones. Quartz is used widely as a main product or filler in different types of industrial products.Some of the major applications of quartz involve



  • Ceramics

  • Steel

  • Paints

SWASTIK Quartz Products

SWASTIK MINCHEM is one of  the leading manufacturer of Quartz products in India.The following  variations of quartz are processed strictly under the best quality norms

  • 1. SWASTIK Quartz Lumps

    These are the snowy white quartz lumps which we provide in different sizes to our clients. We have some of the most advanced machinery and storage facilities to ensure best quality quartz lumps. They are used extensively in the multiple industries such as glass industries,ceramic industries etc.

  • 2. SWASTIK Quartz Powder

    We are crushing the heavy quartz stones found in our mines to produce one of the  finest Quartz powder available in the market. We provide variance in size and grading of SWASTIK Quartz Powder by implementing different grinding methods. Quartz powder is mostly used in manufacturing glasses.

  • 3. SWASTIK Quartz Grits

    We produce few different types of Quartz Grits depending on their colour. Some of the available grits are white grits,transparent grits,smoky quartz grits. Quartz Grits are mostly used in the production of Quartz Slabs.

Apart from that, we are also the quality-producers of  Quartz Fillers as follows:

  • 1. Transparent White Quartz Filler

    These fillers are transparent in colour with whitening reflex. They are mostly used in the production of multi-coloured onyx typed Quartz slabs.

  • 2. Opaque White Quartz Filler

    These fillers are the opaque white coloured quartz fillers. They are mostly used in the production of White Quartz Slabs.

  • 3. White Cream Quartz Filler

    These  fillers are of the regular quality. They are Widely used in the production of dark-coloured slabs.

Quartz Size Fraction


Millimetres ScaleASTM SCALE
0.08-0.15 mm100-200 Mesh
0.1-0.2 mm70-120 Mesh
0.2-0.4 mm40-70 Mesh
0.3-0.6 mm26-40 Mesh
0.6-0.12 mm16-26 Mesh
1.2-2.5 mm8-16 Mesh
2.5-4.0 mm6-8 Mesh
4.0-6.0 mm4-6 Mesh
6.0-8.0 mm3-5 Mesh
38 Microns400 & 200 Mesh

Quality Check

At SWASTIK MINCHEM, Quality is our main focus and motivation which fuels us to run one of the biggest Quartz processing plants of India, in Rajasthan. We are one of the biggest suppliers of best quality Quartz products in India. We strictly ensure that all our products are stored, processed and manufactured under best quality norms  and with advanced processing machinery.

Raw Material Quality Check

  1. All the raw material is Stored in  safe and sepearte warehouses.
  2. The warehouses are built away from the processing unit, to ensure that no outside material intrudes the place.
  3. The Raw Material Storage Facility is completely Weather Proof. The outside weather can not hamper the quality of raw material stored inside the facility.

Production Quality Check

  1. We ensure production quality check by using advanced and latest machinery and safe storage and transportation practises of our mineral products.
  2. The machinery includes In-line optical camera sorting system, Stone-to-stone crushing, unique distribution on the base of particle size, and High Powder Roller Magnetic System that removes magnetic material
  3. It is made sure that the product is strictly isolated from any kind of unwanted particles and outside weather conditions.