SWASTIK MINCHEM is one of the biggest Minerals Manufacturer in India. Apart from manufacturing and exporting minerals, we also have a world class Research and Development facility led by two chief engineers.

At SWASTIK MINCHEM, We are a dedicated workforce of Metallurgical Engineers, IT Engineers, Managers, Skilled Workers and Sales Gurus who are working continuously to supply best mineral products to our customers.


Quartz Manufacturer - 14 years
Quartz Exporter - 11 years
Minerals Manufacturer - 14 years
Minerals Supplier - 14 years

Right from Raw-material collection to the packaging-process. SWASTIK has adapted the latest technology to assure the best outcome. Our new fully automated plant was founded after putting a lot of time in research. The Founder Jayveer Singh and his team travelled to various countries like Turkey, China and Europe to discover the best technology applicable. The machinery used in the site today is the combination of Indian, German, USA and European origin. This assures pristine quality and firm stand on Global market. With awe-striking features such as the following, it’s a place to visit! Mechanical dressing of Raw Quartz to make clean and PURE QUARTZ GRANULES AND POWDER In-line optical camera sorting system - which helps segregate other particles and deliver the pure white Quartz particles. Granite Flooring in storage area and Stone-to-stone Crushing System - We want no compromises with the quality of our products; that’s why there’s no metallic contact throughout the process of production. The cutting process makes sure to remove all the sharp edges and assure a smooth texture. Air-tight Deck Screening System - To make sure that there’s no particle mixing, giving the uniformity in size of each particle. The most unique aspect, though, is our High Power Roller Magnetic System that treats each particle individually, separating the magnetic particles! Auto Weighing and Bagging System - This makes each package identical. Quality Control with in-set regulations; experienced man force and advanced laboratory instruments.

We ensure that our infrastructure is armed with advanced machinery so that the production occurs at optimum levels and our storage facilities are subjected to regular scrutiny so that the minerals products are safely stored retaining their best quality.

We are honored to supply Minerals products in India and export them across the Globe in Asia and USA. We are proud to be one of the largest Quartz manufacturer in India.

Dinesh Agarwal Chairman SWASTIK In Black Shirt
Mohsin Ali Sultani Chairman SWASTIK In Grey Suit And Pink Turban
Mines In India
Metric Tons Per Annum Production



Our huge production and storage capacities in KEKRI speak for themselves.


We have a separate R&D team dedicated to technological developments in minerals exploration


With the most proficient managers, technicians, marketers and workers, SWASTIK has some of the best workforce in industry.


Our brand “SWASTIK” stands for its intrinsic values. We integrate our values with our business standards to provide a fair market