At SWASTIK MINCHEM, We have infrastructure for best minerals products ensuring production of high quality mineral products only, which are initially collected from our own mines and processed at our advanced machinery plants.

SWASTIK owners showing advanced machinery to clients
Lots of White Quartz Lumps Spread All Around


We are proud owners of more than 10 mines in Rajasthan which are rich in Quartz and Mica Minerals. So quality and uniformity in our products can always be expected. We assure that the highest quality mineral is being extracted from our mines, stored at our warehouses and processed at our industrial plants.


Our processing plant is  spread over 10000 Sq meters land. Our storage facility and warehouses are spread over 5000 Sq meters land. We  have built our warehouses very efficiently,to store the minerals and preserve their quality even among the adverse weather or outside conditions.

Outside View Of Very Large SWASTIK Minerals Storage Facility which is used for safely storing minerals products
Lots Of White Bags Containg Quartz Grits Placed at SWASTIK Quartz Storage Facility


We are proud to have one of the biggest annual production of Quartz in India. Although,here are some statistics for your intellectual satisfaction.


Quartz Production

We are producing around 1,00,000 Metric tons amount of SWASTIK Quartz products every year. We collect raw quartz in very heavy amount to produce different quartz products such as SWASTIK Quartz Lumps, SWASTIK Quartz Grits And SWASTIK Quartz Powder


The backbone of our infrastructure is our advanced machinery. We keep our infrastructure optimized for producing high quality minerals. We are always ensuring that the processing machinery is advanced, working to its maximum potential and contains all the necessary equipments.

Advanced Machinery For Mineral Manufacturing

We Are Leading Quartz Manufacturer

Suppliers and Exporter in India