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SWASTIK MINCHEM LLP is a well known name in the quartz industry throughout India.We are bulk minerals supplier and manufacturer of a variety of quartz.We are proud to be one of the largest manufacturer and exporter of quartz in India

We, At SWASTIK MINCHEM always try to implement best and advanced techniques to provide high quality quartz products in India.

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SWASTIK Feldspar

SWASTIK Feldspar Lumps – SWASTIK Feldspar Powder

Potassium Feldspar generally  refers to a number of minerals in the Feldspar group containing Potassium.

These are rock producing minerals which usually forms rocks of a mixture of white and pink colour. The main use of Potassium Feldspar is in the Ceramic and Glass Industries.


SWASTIK Mica Powder – SWASTIK Mica Scrap

Mica is a group of  silicate minerals which are physically and chemically similar. he major applications of Mica includes Paints, Cables & Papers

They are also known as sheet silicates because they are formed in different layers. Mica’s are quite light and soft and the sheets made of mica are flexible.

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